10 reasons why Microsoft is actually better than Apple

PCs are manufactured by many different companies, resulting in a huge selection of devices with a wide variation in prices. The vast majority of Microsoft PC’s and their peripherals are cheaper and more affordable compared to a new Apple Macintosh computer.

More people are using and developing software for PC’s running Windows, which give them a larger variety of software.There is also an almost endless supply of programs, some that run on Apple computers but the majority of which run on Windows computers only.

PC’s are available in almost any imaginable configuration, colour and size.

Every part of a PC can be upgraded. Because of the openness and competition between hardware vendors, parts are usually cheaper and more available for the PC.

PC laptops can be more difficult to repair than desktop computers, but their components are often easier and cheaper to repair or replace than those in an Apple computer.

PC’s are the only computers you can purchase that have touch screen capabilities.

Microsoft offers a symbol server, which is a Windows technology used to obtain symbol  debugging information.

The PC is king when it comes to games and online gaming. Many of the more popular computer games are released for PC first. Apple simply do not compare with as powerful graphics cards.

Windows based PCs have greater backwards compatibility. A five year old PC can easily run Windows 10 without any issue.

PCs work great with a whole slew of other products too, you can stream your Xbox or PlayStation games to Windows.

Post Author: Shannon Myers