A Major Data Breach of Yahoo

It was Wednesday, when Yahoo revealed that the a data has been stolen by Net bandits where it reached 1 billion user accounts. This is considered one of the largest data breaches in the history of internet.

The stolen information is consist of names, email add., tel. numbers, birth dates, passwords, and others are encrypted and not encrypted security questions and answers, Lord says.

The culprit was able to access the code which Yahoo uses in creating cookies. Accessing that code allows a person to get data with forged cookies.

Now, Yahoo is taking a procedure to secure the accounts to those users being affected and invalidating the forged cookies, also tightening the security so that it will  never happen again.


Post Author: Shannon Myers

1 thought on “A Major Data Breach of Yahoo

    David R. Moran

    (February 16, 2017 - 4:48 pm)

    This is a big loss for Yahoo, I bet the prospect of this incident is genius and had a lot of courage since Yahoo is a big and known company worldwide.

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